Finding International Business Schools

Study at top business school is desire of most people because it can lead them to be a successful businessman. Many business schools that provides business programs with special courses and it is trusted as best business colleges. But for you who want to experience more global atmosphere in business, you can study at international business school. Each country has top business school but some students chose to study at international business school because they think that it is best for their careers. If you have same vision with them to study at international business school, you should consider some top business school below.

Top international business schools


International business schools are best choice for students who to have international careers in business. Forbes as top business magazine shows some international business schools with best reputation, here are the following top business schools:

  1. IMD at Switzerland
    This is the best international business school with one year MBA-program. Students will learn about corporation, international business and entrepreneurship with the best experiences from right sources. To complete corporation experience, students will consult project in Switzerland. They also work with startup to be a good entrepreneur. Then, to study international business, students should work with international business or company and stay there for two weeks.
    This school is available in three countries such as France, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. Students come from some continents like Asia, Europe and also America. There are 93 nationalities represents in this school and almost 34 countries send students to this school. That is why this school called “the business school for the world”.
  3. IE university
    This school is located at Spain and international business is the focus of program that offered. Many students from around the world study here because almost 100 % graduates get job after three months graduation. There are 8 % students come from Spain, 25 % come from Europe, 21 % students come from South America, 20 % students come from North America and 16 % students come from Asia.

How to study at international business school?

Some students dream to study at best business school included international business school. They expect to get information about business completely to support their careers. In order to study at international business school, students should prepare their selves to be ready get all the information. Ability in English is also essential, since they study at international business schools.

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