Finding Top Business Schools In California

California is the state in USA, it is the third extensive area and the most well-known state there. There are many colleges here and those are notable private universities such as the California of Institute Technology, Stanford University, the University of Southern California and Claremont College. So if you decide to study in California, you have many choices because those universities are qualified.

Business Schools In California

List of Top business school in California

There are many business schools at California and they are also qualified as top business school. If you desire to study business field in California, you should know first business schools that have good quality. The following are business school in California with good quality:

1. Marshal School of Business (University of Southern California)

This is the most varied business school in California Entrepreneurship, innovation, collaborative research and social responsibility are the focus of this school. Then for students who like involve in organization to express their creativity and talent, there are 43 student organizations. In addition, the Bachelors of Business Administration degree and the World Bachelor in Business degree are offered by Marshal School and you can also work for three undergrad business degree from three continents. USC, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the University Commercial Luigi Boccon are three universities that allow you to study in the same year.

2. University of Carolina – Berkeley

Berkeley’s Haas School of Business is a business school that has several characteristics; originality, exploration, intellectual development and a worldwide outlook. So, this business school is right for you who want to become business leader in the world. When you study at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, you will be a student who is inventive, believe in yourself, a problem solver and socially conscious. You can get precious experiences after you studied here because you would study internationally; you join case competition, learning workshop and students’ organization. There are several courses that Berkeley’s Haas School of Business offers such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Business Communications, and Organizational Behavior.

How to choose top business school in California

Since you decide to learn at business school, you should choose the best university that fits with your desire. It is because some universities have different superiority. For example, if you like to become an entrepreneur or business leader you should join Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. You can find information about how to get that business school by visiting its website.

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