If you are about to launch your own business, you certainly wouldn’t be alone in your quest to create a business empire, as more and more people give up the security of a salaried position and take on the world. Of course, you will need an office; a base from which to run your enterprise, and here are a few tips to help create the ideal business HQ.

  • Be Realistic – If this is a one man launch, you could have your office in the spare room at home, while a larger organisation would require something more substantial. Start with the basics, and with affordable office furniture in Maidenhead from a leading supplier, you can get trade prices on any items you need.
  • Communications – You must have a Broadband connection and a phone landline, although most of your business communication should use a VoIP platform, which costs nothing. Making best use of available technology will save you a lot of money, so have a look at what is available.

  • Basic IT Equipment – You will need a workstation with a desktop PC, a printer, a scanner and a photocopier. You can buy scanners that also copy, which will save you some money. A single filing cabinet would suffice, unless you decide to keep everything digital, in which case, you will not need the filing cabinet.

If you are the only person using the office, then you can arrange it to your liking, but if you are employing a secretary, let her decide the layout and if she needs anything, she will let you know.


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