Beef jerky is quite a popular snack food. It is high in sodium, but it is full of protein as well. This food in fact has a long history.

It is basically beef-meat and all fat is removed from it by trimming. The remaining meat is then cut into strips. These days, this snack’s popularity is increasing continuously and many top companies offer it in packed form. Read on to know interesting things about beef jerky that you might not have even come across!

Invention of Beef Jerky

It is believed that beef jerky was discovered in the year 1550 by the people of Quechua. Its main purpose was to offer food to people while they travel. They were continuously worried about food on their way. As a result, beef jerky was the best option for them since it was quite easier to transport and didn’t spoil quickly. Plus, it contained sufficient protein required for extensive travel.

It is quite versatile!

While beef is popular kind of meat that is used for making jerky, it can even be made with any type of meat that includes pork, turkey, or even moose. The outlets of Beef jerky provide an ample of flavors as well as types. They also encourage customers to taste test few of the types to go with the one they like the most!

Growing industry

The business of beef jerky is definitely not small. While you may first think that it is being prepared only on local basis, it is in fact far larger business than you can even imagine! As a matter of fact, beef jerky companies are rapidly growing.

Lean meat

Beef jerky is lean meat containing higher amount of proteins. During the process of drying, it loses 2/3rd of its weight since all moisture is being removed during it. As a result, the meat is lean containing high amount of nutritional components. Moreover, it is lighter food, so you will likely eat significant amount of it without even realizing!

Loved food across the world

Jerky as well as jerky style meat is being sold in various countries across the world. People not only love its flavor, but also convenience that it offers. It can be ideal snack for football game just like it can be great meal for hikers, campers, and everyone on longer trips!

Thus, beef jerky are healthy as well as portable protein sources. What are you waiting for then? Take a trip to your nearest jerky outlet now!


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