Plastic containers have become a necessity for the industries and residences alike. There are several tasks that cannot be achieved without indulging the use of plastic containers in various shapes and sizes. And the magnitude of the use has levered so high that they go into home décor, kitchen décor, maintenance and more.

For someone who is looking for Fibertech’s plastic bulk containers, it is crucial to know how it can benefit the use as compared to other containers available in the market. As Fibertech quality stands out in the crowd, they make for quite a choice!

Size and design variety

Bulk containers are easy to design in a variety of styles. They can be picked as per the quality standards and made as per the regular container sizes. These range from the basic 2 series containers to free flow large containers. There are designs for the caster carts, rotatable containers, DOT containers and more depending on the quality, colours, size and structure one needs.

Load bearing mechanism

Made from rotomolding technology, the plastic containers are made of supreme quality and thickeness. They are robust to use and can bear load as per their capacity with ease. Unlike the lighter products, these do not let the user’s distress on the fact that the designs shall mould with heavy load. Even when the containers are to their full capacity, they stand right and support the weight easily.

Customization options at large

Plastic containers when ordered in bulk can be customized as per the wishes of the customers. Right from the type of plastic to be used to the mechanisms needed in the containers, customers can pick their variants and place the order. With the recent trends the plastic containers are paired with lead, steel and iron handling and accessories which elevate the looks while also aiding in the usage of the containers in a flexible way.

Highly resistant design

Fibertech uses type 4 plastic for the designing of the large and small plastic containers. This plastic is suitable for both residential and industrial use. With no toxicity and high resistant capacity, there is a greater ease to find optimum performance with the containers. Be it the trolleys for moving materials inside the industry or storing the garbage around the residential area, these stay for long without being hampered in design or quality.

When purchasing plastic containers in bulk, one can improvise on the design and get just what they want with a little customization!


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