For any kind of engineering job, it is essential that we need to use right kind of tool, so that even a difficult job can also be performed successfully. If you are in the job of repairing of pipe in a safe manner, use of flange spreader can help you a lot. What this tool does is that it can separate or open up the flanges, that is meant for joining two pipes or covering two pipes. In due course of time usually the flanges tend to catch rust and that makes it too difficult to maintain them properly. By using this unique tool your job becomes pretty easy and simple.

These flange spreader can be very useful for many different industrial usages however particularly three industries those can really be highly benefitted with this tool. These are the following industries.

  • Plumbing services

As already mentioned above every plumber always keep this tool with them as they need to often open the old pipe joints, while working in the field. Use of this tool is safe for pipes and without doing any damage to the old rusted flanges, you can open the joints and again refit them back after your job is done. This tool is used for opening of valves, spools, joints, disks and much more such items.

Any other industry where large tanks are used for storing water also need this tool. Many of the manufacturing industries also need to use different kinds of tanks to store different kinds of liquids for their production set up. Without having any flange spreader, it will be almost impossible for them to open any valve, in case it ever develops any problem.

  • Oil and gas companies

In oil and gas companies too, there are many pipelines where gaskets and pipes are used and often you need to install new pipe lines. If you need to fit any new gasket then it becomes really very difficult unless you have this tool with you. In case the gasket happens to be in the middle of the pipe then it is not so easy to perform the job. Only a flange spreader makes the job easy and convenient.

  • Emergency response services

Those who work for any kind of emergency services may also need to open any doors of a damaged car or any engine compartments. Those who are fire fighters or in police job need this tool quite often.

Besides above three organizations, this tool can be useful at any places where piping work is regularly done.


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