You may get confused whether to buy gold or invest in something else. It is obvious and even thoughtful to know if the asset you are investing in, will appreciate or not. It is true especially for gold as it comes in the physical shape and doesn’t offer any interest rate.

But the reasons to buy gold go beyond its appreciation or price rising. It has its own distinctive advantages that other investments may not offer.

When you buy gold, you feel secured and its price is also expected to rise significantly. Following are the few reasons why you should buy gold bullion as an investment:

  1. Gold is like Money: Although gold does not come in currency form, it is superior to currency. Actually, gold has seen playing the role of currency in long term since it can be stored for thousands of years and had become the reason to raise many dynasties in the past. Compared to any other currency, gold has long-term stored value.
  1. Gold is a Concrete Asset: You can touch the physical gold which you cannot do with most of the investments. It is an asset which cannot be destroyed by calamities like fire or floods.

It does not require any maintenance, feeding or fertilizers to keep it growing. The most interesting part is that you can buy gold in its smallest unit. If you want to keep some wealth other than digital form, buying gold can be the best option as it can prove lifesaver in times of difficulty.

  1. No Contractual Obligations: If you want to buy gold in its physical form, you need not to take the help of any broker. There is no paper work, no brokerage or any contractual obligation with buying of gold. This is the only investment where you are not liable to any other entity.

  1. Portability: You can buy gold due to its portability. Even a small piece of gold is expensive and can be carried in your pocket.

You may go anywhere in the world, any dealer will happily buy gold from you after checking its purity. Actually, if you compare it with stocks, it is quicker to sell.

  1. No Specialization Required: There are so many other things to invest such as diamonds, silver etc. but you need to have great knowledge about it. As far as gold is concerned, you can buy it without have special skills or expertise. Even no training is required to recognize gold.


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