Poor compaction, erosion, soil shrinkage due to excessive heat or increased moisture due to inadequate drainage can cause the concrete foundation, in and around your buildings, to settle or sink.

Settlement of structure may lead to uneven floor, cracks on wall, gaps in exterior siding, tilting chimney and sloping towards exterior foundation walls.

This requires remedial measures to save the building from further damage. Using polyurethane foam concrete lifting technology, objective of concrete lifting can be achieved.

Role of polyurethane

Polyurethane foam is an inert yet solid material that is resistant to water, oils, chemicals, insects, rodents or soil erosion.

It can achieve smooth, hard wearing surfaces for concrete and masonry surfaces due to its hard yet flexible and UV protective coating.

Polyurethane is designed for different applications ranging from lightweight residential concrete lifting to high density polyurethane foam concrete lifting.

Polyurethane foam concrete lifting is ideal for heavy highways and industrial flow projects, underwater settings and stabilization of loose soil.

How polyurethane foam works?

Polyurethane foam concrete lifting is done by experts in a careful and skillful manner.

The polyurethane mixture is mechanically injecting through small holes drilled in concrete with the help of calibrated injection equipment.

Following a chemical reaction underneath concrete, it creates expanding foam. The foam fills all voids and stabilizes loose and non-compacted soil to create concrete lift. Enough quantity of material is injected till concrete is lifted to the desired level.

Using high density cementious grout, matching existing concrete, all holes drilled for polyurethane foam concrete lifting are filled.

Utility of polyurethane foam

The minimally invasive polyurethane injection system for polyurethane foam concrete lifting facilitates lifting and leveling of your basement floor.

Removal and replacement of driveways can be an expensive and complicated process. Polyurethane foam concrete lifting helps repair sidewalks and driveways conveniently.

Soil erosion and poor compaction usually cause sinking and settling of concrete in porches, patios and pool decks.

Polyurethane foam concrete lifting is a cost effective mean for repairing porches & patios and pool decks.

Advantageous features of Polyurethane foam

The foremost advantageous feature of polyurethane is its enormous strength. Its high flexibility adds to its remarkable ability to resist impact and absorb shock.

The components used for polyurethane foam concrete lifting are manufactured using non-toxic and environmentally safe materials.

The equipments use by companies engaged in polyurethane foam concrete lifting are permanently mounted on light weight trucks and trailers.

Accordingly, noise generated in polyurethane foam concrete lifting is contained causing no noise pollution.

Additionally, whole polyurethane foam concrete lifting process does not pose any threat to environment and surrounding landscape.


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