In this dynamic world we live in, many businesses are shifting towards more effective execution within their very own HR departments. Implementing the video into the process of campagnes de recrutement efficaces doesn’t only offer an integral solution for businesses, it helps in expanding their reach when it comes to enticing the best talent.

  1. Use videos for interview purposes

By using video as an interview tool lets the international businesses and start-ups to get in touch with the candidates with ease, no matter what location, assessing their abilities efficiently and cutting down on the time needed to schedule and conduct interviews in person. When the video interview technology is used, there is a great freedom involved in getting in touch with the new candidates and getting them all excited about your organization via the use of video resources.

  1. Use video to leverage communication with the candidates

Study proves that recruiters who use video as an interview tool can screen the candidates quickly and with ease, hence increasing the rate of success over the span of recruiting process when it is compared to the hours HR department spend to screen the candidates’ resumes and conducting initial phone interviews. Particularly in the case of live video interviews, candidates get in touch with you in real time and at a time whenever it is suitable for you. Many applicants tend to apply via their mobile devices which shows that more job seekers make the use beyond the traditional websites. Hence, video is where your company can gain a mobile edge and act as an innovative add on in the recruiting process for the best talent available even on the go.

  1. Market your business aspects with much more efficiency with the help of the video

Digital advancements compel the young generation to respond to the visuals. Many companies use video to entice the right candidates with a benefit that videos are a sharable media tool that can be integrated creatively on many social media platforms. Recruiting focused videos are famous and benefit your business significantly if you showcase testimonials and convey your unique message about the working culture within your company. You can go for job ads on your career website with specific videos to add a personalized touch and empower the way candidates get in touch with your company.


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